Eucalyptus for Hair


Herbal Essences Aloe & Eucalyptus shampoos and conditioners include real eucalyptus, as certified by plant experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Eucalyptus is used in the Hoodoo tradition for protection and cleansing

What is Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus is a plant that is recognised for its minty, refreshing fragrance. Just what you need to help you feel rejuvenated.

Eucalyptus oil is created through a process of drying, crushing and steaming the leaves. The sweet, woody-scented oil is believed to have many benefits. It has been used in both Chinese and Western medicine for centuries. The Hoodoo tradition uses eucalyptus oil for protection and cleansing. Now we’re taking this powerful plant straight from nature and putting it into your shampoo so that you can revel in the benefits of eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus is traditionally used for coughs and colds. Next time you have aches and pains, try rubbing eucalyptus leaves onto the area for a natural, minty experience! The Herbal Essences Aloe & Eucalyptus formula harnesses the properties of eucalyptus oil for hair and gives your tresses a boost of hydration and shine.

Eucalyptus plays a big role in the animal kingdom. Koalas can only eat eucalyptus leaves!

Where does eucalyptus come from?

Originally from Tasmania, there are now over 700 species of eucalyptus. Some varieties of eucalyptus grow as shrubs that you can find in a garden, while other varieties grow as towering trees.

Nowadays, eucalyptus can be found in a wide range of countries, but it’s most commonly found in Australia and Oceania.